Interrupting Interruptus

I know last week I was supposed to get Polked. Frankly, I’m looking forward to getting Polked. I like a man who comes in with a plan and then knows when to get out.

But then, last week, the US elected a new president. A president I’m candidly not looking forward to having sex with. (I’m still going to do it. I’ll make it work.)

I debated for awhile whether to use this blog to comment on our current presidential election. On one hand, it’s a fantasy blog devoted to schtupping the presidents, and why muddy it with actual political commentary? I’m not smart or qualified enough for that.. On the other hand, it’s a blog dedicated to the US presidency (albeit in a very niche way), and ignoring the elephant in the room has never been my style. I have my feelings – Trump panders to racists and sexists, and I can’t uncouple the unsettling fact that anyone who voted for him signed up for both. He’s Andrew Jackson gone big league (bigly). And if you jump back to 7, you’ll see how I felt about Jackson.

Of course, it may just be because I’m in the middle of boning the pre-Civil War presidents, but the similarities between then and now are striking. The anger on all sides is real, and the willingness to listen to another point of view (on both sides) is limited. Why should we listen to Trump’s supporters, who have elected a racist (even if they deny it in themselves)? Why would they listen to liberals who have long ignored and written off the working class? Will Trump be remembered like Harding, a corrupt and racist man who set us up for economic failure, or like Buchanan, the Southern-sympathizing Northerner who pushed us into Civil War? I expect the former, but would not be surprised by the latter.

So far, Trump is appointing a real team of rivals, but they are rivals to women, people of color, the LBGTQ community. But if you look at history, progress is always met with resistance. Reconstruction is followed by Jim Crow. The ERA is met by Phyllis Schlafly. The Civil Rights 60s just opened us to new and creative ways of disenfranchising the other – mandatory minimums, DOMA, abortion restrictions – there’s always a reaction to the fight for equality; there are always setbacks. It’s discouraging, but it’s not hopeless. Setbacks didn’t stop those before us, and they won’t stop us now.

And in the meantime, I’ll be here porking every one of the men who have held this office (and really, all men? Come on.). Because we all need an escape sometimes.



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